Friday, December 9, 2011

"My Shoe Rocks" Concerts - Marikina

My first outdoor gig as Bone Pagligaran and it was a blast having to be in the same bill with “Flippin soul stompers”, Callalily, and Argos. We did well and survived after taking the stage late with FSS ang Callalily going on first. It’s always tough to follow bigger acts on a live show especially if the audience response is to be the barometer. FSS’s magnetic performance is just incredible while Callalily’s massive teenage psycho screams was deafening if one does not carry enough guts to go on with the show one probably won’t take the stage. Against all odds we went on, after all we were just happy to be there. Had some little tech problems but we made it through. Jojo and Warner were really good considering it was our first outdoor gig together I guess it was Warren’s first ever. I am just so thankful for the opportunity to share my music live in the biggest crowd I’ve ever played so far as Bone Pagligaran.

I hope there’s more to come

here are clips from that performance...

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