Sunday, April 24, 2011

The 3 stages of modern music's decline

The majority of the public especially the record industry thinks that Piracy is the main reason for modern music decline, I however don’t exactly buy that, I believe the Record Industry itself has the biggest influence on music’s decline.

1) In the 80's we got insanely amazing musicians, but they were marketed by superficial looks... they were treated as GODs, It worked for that decade it got out of hand and reached equilibrium. As they get more superficial as the years progressed the attention to the music shifted to the just “the looks”. The Public just couldn’t see through the music anymore because of the visual superficiality we got tired of it and started to hate it. In reaction to this...

2) In the 90's we got stripped down sincere artist and musicians they were not so amazing in terms skill and refused to be treated as GODs while some of them were also great the result however was the majority of the next generation musicians thought they could get away with very little or no skill in music (so did the record industry) and they did, a lot of people that cant play became Rockstars it got out of hand as well and reached equilibrium midway through that decade. It didn’t even last long, we all agree that by 1995 till 2000 all we got were short lived Label Produced acts. In reaction to this...

3) In 2000 and beyond the record industry combined the formula of the last 20 years of successful music marketing that pushed the quality of music and music acts down the flusher. They took the “visual superficiality” of the 80’s and the “keep it simple and stupid” concept of Music of the 90’s (KISS acronym), and it had to come in the digital age where technology allows literally those with no talent at all to become Rockstars and Pop Stars. In the 80’s we got GOD’s in the form of Glam Music Celebrities, at least they had powers in the form Musical Skills. In the 90’s These GOD’s became flesh when they took the “Music Celebrities can be mere men with acceptable music skills in flannel jackets, goaties, and thrift shop clothing” motto.

Thanks to the record industry for the most part, The GOD’s Died or left us. Generally speaking all we have right now are Music Celebrities with little or no talent at all (mostly no talent the rest needs more cultivation or half baked) mostly teenagers dressed in contemporary Barbie concepts, Nursery Rhyme level musical skills and vocabulary, and a standard “cool” Youtube video. To my count it’s been 15 years since we had our last real wave of music revolution and I believe we are due for it, we still have real Artist and Musicians in an alternate universe called the “Indie” music scene just waiting to be tried out by the massive public. I don’t know hows that gonna happen but yet I am keeping the faith.

The Record Industry is the biggest contributor to this decline I hope they take it upon themselves to redeem them and start signing quality Artists again. Those that have devoted themselves to their music and craft and not just those who looked good on TV who got the most TXT Votes.

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Paulo said...

i'm also keeping the faith bro! hope that day finally comes!