Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Kustom Powered - HV30 experiment

Bang! It was February 15 and I got blown away by the performance of the Kustom HV30 combo amp that I decided to take with me to a gig. The place was called Amos CafĂ© located along Kamias Road Quezon City I was invited by Renmin Nadela of Republika Delata / Agaw Agimat for Guerilla Music Productions. An Indie production outfit that I am honored to be a regular feature. I often bring along a Defender V50 an all tube amp which my Boss sir Alvin Q offered to me as a work perk but for this event I had the crazy idea of bringing in a smaller amp and see how it would hold up against the amps that were installed in that joint they were mostly 100 watt combos. I knew that the Kustom amplifier lines are very conservative in publishing power ratings ever since I first tried them but I wanted to see how far they can go. Just by feeling the amps nominal volume levels I kinda know that the Kustom 30 watt rated amps can hold up against 50 watt ratings from other brands so I thought that this would be a perfect time for a case study. In all fairness the HV30 is equipped with an amazing speaker emulated output so in case It fell short of what I expect it to do I can always plug it to the P.A. but as we breezed through the soundcheck (a jam of Richie Kotzen’s “Doin what the devil says to do” Check out the link ) I felt that I don’t need to hook up to the P.A. The HV30 had so much headroom that I was able to cut through. The usual combo amp matching is 60 watts vs 100 watts guitar and bass amp respectively but the experience proved my theory I was using a 30watt combo but I was right there between the drums and bass.