Friday, May 14, 2010

Sugar Hiccup new album and tour

“After Five Years” out now!

At last finally it’s out there now! You guys can get your copy by dropping by at our gigs. For a limited time we are actually throwing in a bonus…. The 3rd album as a freebie so get one now. We are now back touring in support of the album after we took a break for the elections and the April leg really was fun but also exhausting. It’s been years since I gigged that much after the tour I began to realize I’m not 24 anymore gigging nightly and in some dates two venues in one night. But hey I’m not complaining who’s going to complain about partying every night right? Except for the next day hangover… then again midway to the tour you loose the hangovers… or maybe you get used to it.

It’s been two months since the album was finished and I’m listening to it lately. Well I can’t comment on it because I produced it so go get your copy and have a swing on it. So since I’m really super busy for the next few months I couldn’t do much blogging. I'm producing an Album for Dyna Music for this up and coming solo artist…. (Surprise na lang kung sino siya) during the day and in the evenings playing live for the Sugar Hiccup tour… so much music everyday huh? So no time for blogging.

next time

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