Monday, March 15, 2010

This time NHI is so OVEREACTING! by critisizing Arnel's interpretation of Lupang Hinirang. It clearly shows that the guys there have no understanding of art whatsoever. I mean if they are going to be technical about how to sing the the national anthem to the letter of the law, then no one can sing Lupang Hinirang in that setting or context.

Here are my thoughts....

A. we will need to have an orchestra to back up any singer to provide the marching backbeat which is mandated by the said law to be consistent to the groove and tempo according to Felife's Arrangement per NHI's interpretation.

B. To be consistent to the exact melody (again per their interpretation of the Law) anyone who misses a note (hitting a sharp or flat) should be prosecuted. That means every tom dick and harry who sang Lupang Hinirang should be prosecuted since most of them didn't really nail the song note for note and at the exact tempo. So that includes school teachers, students, and government officials evertytime they do it during flag ceremony (come on most of the people singing in ceremonies are either off key or off tempo). Well then if we are going to be literal with the LAW as in rule is a rule then heaps of people will be prosecuted... I rather not sing and suppress my patriotism in fear of the said law... oh my GOD! this is such legalistic nonsense.

C. There is a provision in the Law that in the absence of an orchestra it can also be performed with a Piano accompaniment or just plain Acappella.... that means in both these cases the marching groove feel and tempo will be excused and out of the picture.... how can you interpret a marching groove feel if you don't have percussion going on? duh! and without time kept rhythm most singers fluctuate in tempo and not every singer has perfect pitch in order to sing a song perfectly in key, note for note, in Acappella. I mean this is what I'm talking about that no one can sing Lupang Hinirang in such context.

Having expressed my opinion based on their supposed interpretation of the Legal provisions in performing Lupang Hinirang, I (still) do (very much) agree to the core purpose of NHI to reprimand such violations but I think their lack of understanding regarding performance arts clearly made them fail to interpret the Law and its practical application however messing the song up or re-arranging the song to the point of drifting away from Maestro Julian Felife's Artistic intentions is another story.

Case study nalang tayo sa NHI mismoKantahin nyo nga sa flag ceremony nyo yung Lupang Hinirang ng Accapella pag di nyo napa tunog yung marching feel at nag flat kayo kahit isang nota kasuhan nyo sarili nyo.

and another thing....

The National Anthem was written in 1898 by Julian Felipe and Jose Palma (as if we don't know).... since then up until 1962 it went through many changes... It wasnt even called Lupang Hinirang until 1956. (now I'm starting sound nerdy) anyway the point is... The mandate that it should be exactly performed the way Felipe intended it is somewhat invalid since the Lupang Hinirang as we know now is not Lupang Hinirang as he (Felipe) knew it... even the lyrics by Palma were changed.... I bet NHI knew this so come on you guys

So in conclusion... I am not questioning the Law but rather interpreting it in the light of it (the subject) being an art form... in which art itself continually evolves in relevance to contemporary times in any given society.... and that beauty in art is subject to the taste of an existing society or audience in our case the Filipino people.... (kung hindi naman pangit at sadyang binaboy wala naman problema dun ano ba?) does that say I agree to a hip hop version of the National Anthem? certainly not for that is not the point. I believe the core purpose of the Law is to protect the National Anthem from being punked or parodied and accordingly reprimand offenders.... but certainly not to criticise and humiliate serious patriotic performances. The National Anthem is an Art form written by people with deep heartfelt patriotism.... Its is then very judgemental for anyone to unfairly criticise another Artist (especially a Filipino in a world stage) who with deep hearth felt patriotism exhibits it to the whole world with such Pride and Artistic Beauty.

The History of the National Anthem itself proves the point that Art evolves and that artists and leaders through time have had their hands on that evolution.... artistically and legally....

So guys from NHI Please ponder this.... Your agency is indeed the keeper of our Historic Legacy but I don't think it allows you to suppress our HISTORY as it is BEING MADE!

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jhed said...

Don't you get it...those guys from NHI just wanted to be in the limelight. And so far they are successful on it...never heard of them really before this Lupang Hinirang brouhaha!