Monday, September 8, 2008

My Current Rig

My wife is questioning me again for a couple of gear acquisitions this month luckily for me I have an excuse this time with my new band Pearldrive (new band new gear some excuse ha). Anyway I recently got hold of an old Multi FX by Korg... an AX30G in perfect gigging condition and a Korean Lespaul copy which is actually a good looking good sounding knock off of the real thing. I have utilized this new setup in the last 3 PD gigs and kinda satisfied about it. Here is my setup.... GUITAR - (cheap) wah – Matrix tuner – Korg AX30g – Arion EQ- (cheap) Volume Pedal (ax30 exp controller) – DOD vibrothang – AMP.

Tone Breakdown: I use the Korg Multi basically for overdrive, modulation, and delay combos. Replacing 4 pedals that I have been using for several years those pedals are the following... Boss BD2 blues driver, Arion Stereo flanger, IbaƱez phaser, and Boss DM3 Delay (the ngongo decaying sound of the delay tail is so very nice. that is what's actually adding sugar to my sound coz it rolls off those nasty highs) all of which are exhibiting retirement symptoms. Sound wise I like the transition the only trade off is the micro second glitch in between changing presets. Which I kinda learn to live with Live. Its an old unit but sounds better than the new ones to my ear (its not as super sterile sounding)... kinda analog-ish sound. The Delay on it is a perfect replacement for the DM3, it can recreate the low fi analog decay tone to one's liking... yes a separate parameter just for that, and the tap tempo is amazing too. I still kick on the Arion EQ for solo boost a must in a live situation. While the DOD Vibrothang is used for special moments. I'ts a very nice pedal you get four different types of sound in this one little pedal... from vibrato, leslies, tremolo, with a little bit of phasing and flanging. Maybe I'll try to upload a video run through of my rig and let the sounds do the talking...

Like I always say “The tone is in your bones”. From all analog to a hybrid setup? It was just ok, maybe soon I'll learn to love the feel of an all digital modeling FX for my live rig.

till next time.

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