Monday, September 22, 2008


I started getting into music when I was about 9 or 10 playing bugle and drums in a parade band sponsored by the local government. It was during the late 80's when both the "hair band" (in America) and the "new wave" (in Europe) were at their peak that I got into guitar oriented music. I enjoyed listening to Heart, Bon Jovi, Police, REM, Billy Idol, Depeche Mode, Gene Loves Jezebel, the Cure, Smiths, and Most of all U2... It was "The Edge" that really made me want to play guitar (the anti hero guitar hero vibe really got into me). These two different schools of Rock & Roll became the foundation of my playing style. But as I grew playing music I began to look at and enjoy stuff by... Rush, Eric Clapton, Eric Johnson, Jimi Hendrix, and Ritchie Kotzen (who by the way Inspired me to sing, write, and record songs all by myself another reason of course is that it's cheaper doing it yourself). I still don't consider myself the guitar hero type cause I fell in love with these artists primarily because of their songs and how their guitar playing complemented those songs not just because they played killer solos. I wanted to have formal music training in college but my folks didn't want me to just like most parents during those times so I had to get the rest of my education from playing with as many bands as I could and by listening to diverse artists from Rush to Jewel and everything in between. I've played with bands like... Switchblade, Sub-Species, Naked Lunch, Jen Someone, 5am, 3CT, Wickermoss, and Homegrown. I've played with hundreds of bands, and artist (of course it's a hyperbolic expression) with varying styles of music both live and in the studio. But I have a reputation of freaking out whenever a band or artist I'm working with starts to get major gigs and exposures... three of the bands I've mentioned all got signed and got record deals one them to a Major Label. All of them did it without me, I took off just before going to production. I promised myself I won't do it again to the next band that I'm going to be part of if ever they will have a similar opportunity. I am also a Sound Engineer and has produced a number of Radio Ads for Globe Ringback Tones, Mixed a couple of Indie Records, produced and played on tons of Demos of different artists most of which made it on the Radio despite their unreleased nature, a couple of them landed Record deals from major and indie labels. Even my twelve year day job is Music oriented, I worked as a supervisor for two of the largest Music equipment retail company in the country G.A. Yupangco and JB Music and Sports respectively. You can say that I'm a Music Junkie, I love anything remotely connected to music. Lately I've been busy doing sound design and mixing audio for a TV show at Studio23 called 6underground Live and Raw which airs every Sunday at 10:45pm. The show features up and coming local bands from the underground scene as well as big named bands doing their thing live at a Bar Gig where real music happens, the show also has a radio version on NU Rock 107FM every Tuesday at 10:00pm. Aside from that I'm also kinda busy with my new band Called PearlDrive two years after a supposed retirement in 2006 with my departure from Homegrown.

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