Sunday, May 25, 2008

Tone Chase

Listed below are all the gears that I have owned and used for live gigs and recordings most of them are either sold, lost, destroyed when my house was burned or just broke down beyond repair, the bold ones are what's left with me... Despite having all this gear I firmly believe you can never get your sound from the gear that you are using, they only augment your playing and sound... Your sound basically comes out from what you hear in your mind, how you attack your playing, and how you dial in tones according to what you physically hear from whatever gear you are using. The Tone is in your Bones I always say.

Guitars: Yamaha Classical guitar, Local made strat copy (from Santa Mesa),Local Made Les Paul copy, Aria Pro 2, Custom Built Telecaster by Doro, SRV strat copy, Genesis Series Superstrat, RJ Stratocaster with a Fender Japan aftermarket neck, Custom Built Les Paul Junior by Fredo, Frankenstrat by me, Fernando Korean Classical Guitar with active electronics, 60's re-issue Fender Strat with Texas Specials, Korean Squire Telecaster by Fender, 50's vintage Telecaster copy by Arie, another Les Paul Junior copy, Epiphone Acoustic Guitar, Fernando Korean Made Stratocaster, Korean Made Les Paul copy, Fat Telecaster copy

Amplifiers: Yamaha 15 watts, Marshall MS2, Fender Bullet Reverb, Behringer V-Tone Amp... I never got to own bigger amps since I always do rehearsals at rented studios while gig venues often had better amps than I do so I just had those little practice amps


Analog Pedals: DIY overdrive pedal, Boss Metalizer, Guyatone Phase Shifter, vintage Roland Jet Phaser, Arion Analog Delay, Boss DS1, Boss MT2 (x2), Daphon V847 copy wah, Boss DD3 (x3), Boss RV3, Boss CH3, Boss DM3, DOD Vibrothang, Marshall DRP1, Boss, OD3, Boss DS2, Boss PS3, Arion Flanger, Arion Octaver, Arion EQ, Zoom FP01, Boss HM2, Korg EXP2, Boss TM7, DIY Loopers, Boston CH100, Dunlop Crybaby, Daphon Chorus, Daphon Stereo Volume Pedal, Lazer Crybaby (x2), Morley PMV2 wah/volume pedal, IbaƱes Soundtank Phaser , Danelectro T-Bone Distortion, Boss BD2 (DIY Keeley Mod), Denio Super Overdrive

Digital Multi FX: Korg G3, Korg AX1G, Korg PX3, Korg A4, Korg AX30G, Zoom 1010, Zoom 3030, Zoom 707, Zoom Studio 1201 Rackmount Processor

Others: Matrix Fender and Seiko Electronic Tuners, OFC Cables, 1.5mm Tortex Picks

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