Sunday, May 25, 2008

Live Show Techno Stress

I hope you find these articles useful as you travel to your artistic journey. After more than 15 years of experience playing from both sides of the glass I've taken the liberty of sharing these concepts and realities pertaining to creating, playing, and producing music that would provide artistic fulfillment as well as objective beauty. Fortunately for me I had the chance to experience being both as a performance artist and a live (studio) sound engineer at the same time, with this I have a balanced (as opposed to biased) understanding of both fields freeing me from stress and paranoia that live production and all it's thrill brings when I'm playing as a performer or an engineer. My 15 year training consist of pursuing performance arts as you know mainly as a guitar player, a songwriter, and a singer during the nighttime, 10 of those 15 years I worked for 2 of the biggest music and concert equipment provider in the country as a sales supervisor and technical consultant during daytime. I had the joy of studying and enjoying all those gear and how they work at my disposal (I just wish I could own them all the only problem is they wont fit in my house.... oh and I don't have the money to buy them either sucks!). Yes you have probably met me and talked to me about music and gear stuff if you were visiting Perfect Pitch and JB Music. About 8 of those years I also had the chance to work for 3 media production companies (one of them I co-owned). I hope you trust me on this. I perfectly understand it's your art and there are no rules to what is right or wrong in the field of arts, but I also believe that there is such a thing as objective beauty and order. Heck it’s a free country take it if you like spit if you don’t. I'll be posting them in the coming days do watch out!

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