Wednesday, February 16, 2011

My thoughts on Angie’s easy way out

In respect to his family and the service he rendered to this country I held these thoughts until he was brought to his final resting place. But as a citizen of this nation, as simple and ordinary as I am I feel the need to pitch in my personal thoughts on this matter through this article objectively as much as I am moved by the tragic way he ended his life in relation to the issues at hand.

Question is… Why would he end his own life? So here we go…

A) If Angie’s intention was to take full responsibility on this scandal much like the way of the “Samurai” then he gets his (and his Family’s) honor back. In my book that is very noble and commendable, that is an example to all who aspire and is given privilege in public office. However one element is missing for this to be the case. There was no clear admission of guilt, but personally I’d like to think that Donald’s book in his hand and that Him being a military leader implies that this is the case… if it was the case then in my book he gets his honor back. On the other hand since I need to be objective as well the absence of a clear admission of guilt leads to case “B” on his easy way out.

B) Case B would be his intention was to save his Family, the AFP, and/or his Friends (if in case he/they are guilty of the allegations) from further incrimination with regards to the said issue as the hearings progress and digs deeper into the belly of the beast. And so taking with him to his grave whatever facts he may have had that could give more light and solution to this crisis. In one sense it is still commendable… him being a Father protecting his family, his loyalty to his alliances, and as a self sacrificing leader for the AFP all with his life. But not really for the greater good… which is the welfare of the country, in which he swore to protect from all enemies foreign or domestic. If this was the case then his death was for the benefit and the protection of the few and not for all of us citizens of this nation.

As I’ve said these are just my thoughts and it’s 50/50 on both counts. If Angie is truly innocent of the allegations he didn’t need to exit the back door, all he has to do is prove it and fight head on considering the warrior that he is. Yes that would mean a temporary sacrifice of his honor until such time he gets himself vindicated upon proving his innocence. After all every public official knows that his life is subject to scrutiny in massive levels from the public and from their peers. I am inclined not to believe that the backdoor approach was driven by manic depression caused by his honor being jeopardized as many would like to put it. (which is a sentimental response to his suicide, and is understandable in context to the pinoy culture, even the senate adjourned the hearings in a similar response) Sure there was depression and stress into play but not enough to kill him. We are not talking about a confused teenager here, or a feeling empty rockstar, or a guy in midlife crisis who got bankrupt or something. Angie is a Military leader for one… a General “patay kung patay” a General is a battle strategist we must consider that. Two His own death was likely contemplated owing to the fact that he visited his mother’s grave every single day and sort of reminded his family to take care of each other from the senate incident up to the time of his death. Again I am trying to be objective in my opinions and observations. By this we can see that the manner of his death was ceremonial in nature. For someone like him if he’s going to die by his own hands it has to mean more than just an account of depression from an impending dishonor. It had to have a definite goal for his voluntary death to have a greater meaning… which lead me to case A and/or B opinions/assumptions. Suicide out of far driven depression is just cowardly especially for a military leader I refuse to believe that the General was like that. Again I would like to think that it was case A… the “ Samurai” way cause in that way I will remember him more with his greatness and his honor completely in tact. After all we are all corruptible anyway even Five Star Generals or Presidents but it takes a Great deal of courage to admit one’s mistake and wrongdoings. Courage is worthy of honor. So if it is the “Samurai” way as the way out for you Mr. Reyes then you Are a Great General to me and in my book you deserve your full military honors. Regardless whatever happens in the senate hearings you honor is completely in tact by me.

Rest in peace Sir General Angelo Reyes Sir.

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