Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Geek stuff again

Okay here we go again I had to re configure my pedal setup right before we went on tour in support of Sugarhiccup's fourth album entitled "After Five Years" that kicked off from April to June. Well since we will be (were) playing the new stuff I got enough reason for me to do some geeky tinkering with my pedal setup to suit the needs for my live guitar sounds.

My current signal chain goes like this.....

The guitar signal goes into aTS808 (1) clone which I modded to facilitate an external loop going into another pedal a Boss DS1 (2) using the 808's stomp switch to toggle between pedals... of course the 808 is for my main crunch while the DS1 is for the more saturated drive tone.

From the 808's(DS1) output the signal goes into an Artec Twinhead (3)Pedal which I use for Feedback and Solo Boost from there goes into a DOD Vibrothang (4) set to play like a leslie for especial tender moments then goes to a Tuner (5) before going into a cheap volume pedal (6) that I use for swelling and silent tuning then it goes into an Artec delay (7) and a Boston engineering Chorus pedal (8) completing the chain before going to the amp, the board is powered by a 1spot power supply (9) re-cased into a printer adaptor (I hated the 1spot plug shape).

I run the sound still very much the same... the 808 as the main tone always with a little fiddling of the guitar's volume knob for the right clean or crunch tone... toggles to the DS1 for a more heavier drive then stomp on the twintube fr more juice.... I sort of have a triple stage drive circuit with this setup.... so here is a closer look at em.

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