Sunday, October 25, 2009

Guitars that ruled my world (as a teenager)

Just like to share some of the songs that got me doing air-guitar, of course eventually I learned to play them later on and graduated from my mom’s broomstick to a real six string at 16. I listed ten of them I could have listed a hundred but I’m too lazy to write. Five of them were more like Anti-Hero style while the other five are more like the Flamboyant Hero type, I like both schools of guitar and is serving my playing well years later. My early attempts to learn those songs have subconsciously and permanently implanted styles in my vocabulary which until now is still evident in my playing and general approach. Despite the difference in style between the two schools of playing there is a common ground…the inclination to strongly support the song

Here they are….

Where the streets have no name (U2) – The edge’s rhythmic use of the echo effect just got my attention. I remember “The Flock of Seagulls” used to do it as well but it was “ The Edge” who made that style famous and synonymous to his name. Although I rarely do the dotted 8 note trick nowadays, still a delay pedal is something that is more important to me than an overdrive…. That’s why it’s number one on the list.

Away (The Bolshoi) – The Strength and simplicity of shimmery choral arpeggios is what I picked up from Trevor Tanner . This is the basis for my ornamental rhythm guitar playing.

Don’t dream it’s over (Crowded House) – Tasteful choice of notes that tenderly but strongly serving the song, giving more drama to an already dramatic songwriting – simple big melodies are priceless

The Motion of Love (Gene Loves Jezebel) – Yes The Aston twins wore tons of make-up which was directly proportional to the juicy but piercing melodic riffs they put in their songs.

The one I love (REM) – The first song I’ve ever learned to play and the ability to play lesser guitar and more of the song

Sweet child of mine (Guns n Roses) – What can I say? It’s a guitar riff of a generation. I remember at one point one has to know this song before one can earn a spot at an audition for lead guitar. A totally challenging leap from an anti hero style that I started from.

Blaze of Glory (Jon Bon Jovi) – This song (and album) introduced me to the genius of Jeff Beck.

I can’t live (Nelson) – It’s all about the girls. Seriously I blame them for some of my “Tragic Boy Girl Relationship” songs I must admit I enjoyed them hehehe.

I Remember you (SkidRow) – Oh Yeah I really had to cut my teeth learning and playing this song. Power, Melody, Speed, and Creativity all in one song and it’s supposed to be a ballad. I’ve Realized how strong power ballads are.

Bohemian Rhapsody (Queen) – This is not from my era but Queen is a very hypnotic band and Brian May’s guitar Playing is as flamboyant as Freddie Mercury. The song that I Air-guitar(ed) the most and also made me realize that you can play home-made guitars.

Eventually I discovered Jimi Hendrix, Eric Clapton, Keith Richards and all the rest as I studied the origins of Rock Guitar which is RnB and I’m really surprised to meet a lot of new guitarist today who have no clue to this but that’s a different subject.

I hope you enjoyed them.

Till next time.

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