Sunday, May 10, 2009

Sugar Sound

It's been a while since I last wrote something about my gear, well since I'm the new guy playing guitar for Sugar Hiccup allow me to share my current setup for this award winning group from the Band explosion during the 90's. Here it is....

My pedalboard contains the following.... Boss DS1 distortion, - TS808 Clone, - Matrix Tuner, - DOD Vibrothang, - Artech Analog Delay, - Beta Aivin, - Ch1, - Behringer Mic100 Tube Preamp

So that's about it.... I often use my Les Paul copy for Sugar Hiccup gigs with the TS808 clone always on, I just roll-off a few increments of the volume knob for cleaner passages and crank it all the way up for OD crunch then step on the DS1 for the patented screaming flamboyant rock & roll guitar solos (hehehe mondo gain is needed for that). To add some dimension and ambiance The Analog delay is mostly turned on as well (at about 330 milliseconds one time slap... plays the dots on a dotted 8 note feel but i do'nt want to give away my guitar hero for that so make a wild guess... so? yes i kinda ripped off some from his bag of tricks. if i try to gallop with that "on" i could get that 8 note shuffle feel playing only the first and 3rd note of a triplet feel.... actually that's how i know that i got the delay time right, when that shuffle thing is going like that). Plus a touch of slightly detuned chorus for songs like "5 years" and "Awa". The Vibrothang is then used for special moments to add some drama to my minimalistic approach, that little thing is set to play something close to a Leslie... of course i have to kneel down and tweak the speed knob to match tempos with the song('s). The last piece the mic100 preamp is only used when im plugged in a rather crappy amp hoping to sound better... yes you still get to play crappy amps (it's a fact of life in a 3rd world nation) even if you play with a celebrated band from the 90's.

Anyway here is a soundcheck clip from the Monster Radio RX concert series appearance....

Check out the actual videos of the performance from the said show to hear them in action.

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