Saturday, January 31, 2009

MLQUHSBatch 1991 Reunion

I had a really great time last night that i had a huge hangover not
from the amount of drinks i had ( i was so happy i didn't drink as
much as i usually do)(maybe things like that can make me stop
drinking) but from the enormous happy feeling of having to be with some of
the guys from highschool. i party almost every night (part of my
profession) but last night was the best in recent years. Met old
friends like Mark Hernandez, gilchrist, cris borja, quiban, and even mon
fernandez whom i hated on the basketball court back in HS but surely
enjoyed him last night. we had a phone patch from suhod (from saudi or
something)and it was enjoyed by everyone. Most of us of course changed
in many ways than one, it took some time for everyone to realize who
is who, it's understandable after not seeing each other for 18 years
so we had to tell peculiar stories to trigger associative memories
even that was so cool, but eventually we all came together had a great
time hanging out, and when that feel was set in i actually saw each
and everyone as how i beautifully saw them back in highschool,
including the guys of course i thought they were all beautiful last
night. I actually had a treat hanging out with analyn oh yeah!, like
the no. 2 on my huge crush list, and that was something that i never
got to do back then (or maybe close to impossible... like she was the
prom queen type or some thing and i was the most insignificant
nerd)but again it was really great. id like to ride that felling for
as long as could. Emmie and i did half of a 10 song set, we didn't get
to finish the set cause we felt it's more fun to just be with the guys
and girls than to play for them i missed them so much i didn't want
the night to end.. sir Ariem who also came and his lovely wife brought
additional fun and honor for us for that evening, i can't describe
the feeling it was like nirvana, for a minute i thought i took some
kind of drugs or whatever. for the first time in my life i found
something more fun and interesting than music, sex, or alcohol....
highschool nostalgia!!!!! if i who was the biggest nerd enjoyed it
surely the rest of the guys who were there did so too and i recon
those who didn't made it surely could have had the time of their life...
Looking forward to 2014 for the next dose of nostalgia... i hope im
still alive when that day relive those days. weird no?
looking forward to the future to relive the past... oh yeah this thing
has temporarily turned me into some kind of a romantic junkie!
Till next time! i like to see and hang out with you guys again. :D

Batch 91 MISMO KAYUUU!!!

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